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My first column, first published in Issue 21 of Salford Student Direct

Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of Callum’s Corner in Salford Student Direct. I am currently training up to replace current Comments Editor, Laura Johnson, for next year, and as part of my training I have been given the task of creating my first page spread. So, here we have it. I’d love to hear what you think and hope that you’ll all get on board next year with pieces for me to publish. But now, on with the column!

Uproar was heard across the world on the 22nd March when Apple pulled an application that carried out Conversion Therapy, or as it’s more commonly known ‘Reorientation Therapy’. The app in question, created by Exodus International and aimed at what they called ‘homosexual strugglers’, was removed by Apple from the iTunes store following an ever increasing petition by customers, although as there has been no official word from Apple HQ we are not sure whether or not this is the cause.

The uproar has been made by Christian* activists calling that their right to freedom of speech has been subverted and that Apple were wrong to remove such an app. They claimed that GLBT rights activists were hypocrites for calling for other groups to be more tolerant of their views whilst being altogether intolerant of others. Their argument rested at the simple stance of ‘If you don’t like it then don’t download it’. However, is it an infringement on freedom of speech in matters of private corporations? Furthermore, can you classify an application based upon faux-science, proven to have made those subjected to it commit suicide, an act of freedom of speech? I’d be interested to hear your views on the matter. Where is the line drawn in your opinion between hate speech and free speech?

Moving on, and the United Kingdom has been bathed in a golden glow as the sun finally made an appearance, and with the UCU strikes underway it gave a  large proportion of students time to enjoy it, as hordes migrated onto the green fields near University House to soak up these first rays. Of course, where sun comes into play we also have various fashion disasters… What is it with people and the slightest bit of sunlight that makes it socially acceptable to wear shorts, trainers, long sleeve jackets, and black dress socks? What on earth passes through a person’s mind to make them think, before they leave the house, ‘Yes. This is totally chíc and acceptable.’? Please, for the love of god, just don’t do it. You may as well have just put on socks and sandals and run down the Broadwalk naked. Both scenarios leave me wanting to poke mine eyes out with a searing hot pin.

*In the minority, it must be said (thankfully), and not a true representation of contemporary Christianity.