If you didn’t know by now, I’m a Christian. Now I’m not one of these god-fearing, doctrine quoting, [in]tolerant[when it suits] Christians. I’m a free thinking Christian. I’ve consciously made the choice to accept God into my life, just as much as I consciously decided to accept that not everyone needs Him, or not everyone needs my variation of Him.

I go to church sporadically, of late. Why? Because I don’t like decoration. I feel it detracts from the main purpose of church and of prayer. Prior to moving to uni I used a lovely, undecorated village hall, or would walk up to one of the fields in Ronague or Bradda and commune with God there. Here at Salford University they offered a fabulous multi-faith centre, the clean white walls made it perfect for me, however it’s currently closed down as they renovate it ready for next year where the CofE Chaplaincy will be.

I don’t preach.

I joke about being a Christian with non-religious friends.

I don’t drink alcohol, other than on feast days.

I’m chaste.

Shock! Horror! A gay man who abstains! Tell me about it, I have a hard enough time explaining this to gay men, let alone to those that perceive us to all be fur-less-rabbits (of just rabbits in the sense of ‘bears’). It’s a conscious choice, not dictated to me by the fact I’m a Christian, in deed I know some Christian friends who find the entire thought of celibacy as ridiculous and middle aged. Well, I’m often called a prude by many (including myself) and this just goes to further the point.

I question if sex is even necessary. I’m chaste before marriage (or unionship to be politically correct). This is going to be difficult, I understand, trying to find someone who’s willing to make such a commitment before something that so many see as vital. Me? I don’t see the importance in sharing bodily fluids when there are far more interesting things to talk about. Like, discussing what happened at your day during work whilst fixing up tea or supper. Being the arm chair critics we will undoubtedly be, or at least I will be. Taking a nice walk along the sea front, up the glens, through the fields with the dogs. Of course I recognise that not everyone can share the same view of sex as I do, but perhaps this form of chastity I have taken is a test of the man I want to find. I want to find a man who can be faithful to me, who can make such a commitment to me that I will finally be willing to give unto them that which I can only give once. My virginity.

Burt Hummel from Glee made my eyes water in S2E15 when he discussed, with Kurt, sex and celibacy.

“You gotta know that [sex] means something. It’s doing something to you… to your heart… to your self esteem, even when it feels like you’re just having fun. […] Use it as a way to connect to another person. Don’t throw yourself around like you don’t matter.

‘Cos you do matter.